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Andy Cohen's Then and Now

Being Rich

S1/EP11 | Aired:
June 20, 2017
Andy Cohen dives into the opulent 1980s to explore how the wealthy spent their fortunes, and how that's influenced the ways the mega-rich spend their money today. Plus, the real housewives spill their pre-nup secrets! (43:24)
Andy Cohen's Then and Now

2008 - The Year of Heroes and Villains

S1/EP10 | Aired:
June 14, 2017
Andy and friends look at how Barack Obama's election led to our current political climate, and how the housing market collapse gave birth to today's sharing economy. Meghan McCain tells the story of the day Trump questioned her father's heroism. (43:24)
Andy Cohen's Then and Now

1981: The Year of Excess

S1/EP9 | Aired:
June 6, 2017
Andy Cohen relives the biggest pop culture moments of 1981. Andy and friends discuss how the reign of Dynasty on television created the Kardashians, and how the Reagans were first to coin "Let's Make America Great Again." (43:24)
Andy Cohen's Then and Now


S1/EP8 | Aired:
May 30, 2017
Dive into talked about scandals of the past 30 years. Andy reveals how the Hugh Grant scandal influenced celebrity apologies. How the Lorena Bobbitt story changed the way women seek revenge. Plus, never before heard stories of the Amy Fisher scandal. (00:00)
Andy Cohen's Then and Now

1990: The Year Rebels Ruled

S1/EP7 | Aired:
May 23, 2017
Andy explores 1990 from Madonna's "Vogue" to Nelson Mandela's release from prison. Uncover how Sinead O'Connor transformed the face of beauty, and how Twin Peaks gave birth to today's golden age of television. Get the details on a celebrity hookup. (43:24)
Andy Cohen's Then and Now

1985: The Year Culture Clashed

S1/EP6 | Aired:
May 17, 2017
Andy looks back at 1985, from Madonna’s breakout year and Blockbuster Video. Andy and friends discover how the first WrestleMania influenced the current political climate and how the Live Aid concert inspired the charitable movements of today. (43:24)

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