A Definitive Ranking of Imposters' Biggest Twists So Far

Oh, what a season of Imposters it's been. There have been cons, a death, and so many unexpected — but definitely welcome — appearances by Lenny Cohen (Uma Thurman). Basically, whenever an episode of Imposters begins, we have no idea what's...
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Imposters Poll: Is Patrick Falling for Maddie?

Bravo's latest series Imposters is heading toward its finale, but not before it blows the door off a few more surprises. In Episode 9, Maddie knows Patrick is an FBI agent, so there goes that secret! But instead of Patrick busting in and...
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Imposters Poll: Which Ex Would You Want Maddie to Be With?

Episode 8 of Imposters saw all three of our heartbroken heroes come face-to-face with the woman who left them sad, broke, and blackmailed. Inbar Lavi's Maddie may not be able to ward off the advances of the three bumblers and her past just might...
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