Is Ryan Serhant Making Deals While He Works out?

As they say, "time is money" so it's no surprise that while Ryan Serhant is getting his daily workout routine in, he's also taking care of business. A couple of reps here and a couple of emails there. What do you think of Ryan's workout strategy?...
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Ryan Serhant: For the Record, I Do Not Buy Likes

Well this was an interesting episode. 38 West 87 is one of the coolest properties we filmed this year. It's so cool! From the private gym and wine cellar to all of the outdoor space and fireplaces, it's a very special property and I love that you...
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How to Date Like an #MDLNY Agent

Need help figuring out where to take your new love interest on a date? Struggle no more, let #MDLNY's Luis D. Ortiz be your guide! Here are five places to go on a date according to the agent:"There's nothing more intimate than live music." Take...
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