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Schedule for 2017-06-30

  1. Cyrus Vs. Cyrus: Design And Conquer

    S1/E6: Family Is Everything

    Each of the Cyrus clan has a place to call home in Nashville, except for Miley Cyrus. Hoping to entice Miley to come visit more, Billy Ray challenges Tish and Brandi to convert their old barn into a surprise for Miley, and make it a home in Nashville she can call her own. Nothing on this project will be easy, especially keeping it a secret from Miley. When everything goes wrong, they must race the clock to finish before Miley arrives.

  2. Million Dollar Listing New York

    S6/EP1: Good as Gold


    Big changes are in store for season six of the Emmy-nominated Million Dollar Listing New York, with one agent newly married, one agent newly spiritual, and one agent....well, NEW. Former fashion-model turned super-successful-agent Steve Gold joins the cast, but quickly finds himself battling two young sellers who won't respect their elder. Ryan has little time for the honeymoon phase with Emilia as he plans on expanding rapidly into Brooklyn, hoping to sell 50 houses in just three months. Fredrik is becoming a calmer, more meditative agent...that is, until he meets a Tribeca seller who won't negotiate pennies off of her listing price.

  3. Million Dollar Listing New York

    S6/EP2: The Kids Aren't Alright


    Ryan and his newly-formed Brooklyn team are selling as many houses as they possibly can, but things get more difficult when he discovers he might have to sell the most expensive one twice. In order for Fredrik to land a hot new building in SoHo, he has to prove to the seller that he's done his homework. Meanwhile, Steve wonders if he's become more of a babysitter than real estate agent, when some of his younger clients refuse to behave.

  4. Million Dollar Listing New York

    S6/EP3: Frankel-y Speaking


    When one of his buyers decides to forego pursuing his SoHo property, Fredrik needs to find a back-up quickly...luckily for him, Bethenny Frankel is at the top of his contact list. On the Upper West Side, Ryan is excited to land two townhouses on the same block, but ends up competing against himself when trying to market them. And in a Greenwich Village building, Steve gets a listing, loses a listing, and gets another listing, all before he can even have one showing.

  5. Million Dollar Listing New York

    S6/EP4: Hashtag, You're It


    Fredrik lands the assignment of a lifetime - a building with $400 million dollars in potential sales...but his boss Howard thinks he may have over-promised in order to get it. Meanwhile, Ryan realizes that when you have two sellers, you can't please one without making the other upset. Downtown, Steve gets a list of ridiculous demands from a broker and makes one of his own...a list of new buyers that he discovered via his social media. 

  6. Million Dollar Listing New York

    S6/EP5: Under the Influencers


    In the hopes of selling a $20 million unit in his new mega-tower, Fredrik calls on everyone he knows...including reaching out to a blast from the past -- seasoned agent Michael Lorber. Ryan goes toe-to-toe with his buyer's wingman -- social media influencer The Fat Jewish -- on a number of showings. Meanwhile, Steve quickly realizes that when you mix business with friendship, you may end up with neither in the end.

  7. Million Dollar Listing New York

    S6/E6: Ice, Ice, Ryan

    When Ryan lands a listing in Tribeca, he calls upon his most intense team member for help. Fredrik is busy selling a project that he's been working on for years, but will one decision threaten his relationship with the developer? Steve's listing for his friend continues to have problems...but it's nothing compared to his dating life.

  8. The Real Housewives of New York City

    S9/EP10: Black Out and Get Out


    Bethenny and Ramona’s fight in the Berkshires reaches an explosive level. Back in the city, Carole shows Tinsley an available apartment in her building. Luann and Tom host a final NYC pre-wedding lunch with Dorinda and old friends, Jill and Bobby Zarin. Carole serves as model and host of an art opening. Luann and Tom head to Palm Beach for their wedding.  

  9. The Real Housewives of New York City

    S9/EP11: A Countess No More


    Bethenny hosts her annual holiday party, but Ramona’s not invited. Ramona gets advice on her situation with Bethenny from her daughter Avery and Avery’s friends. Luann and Tom get married in Palm Beach on New Year’s Eve. Tinsley learns that "Frenchie" has moved into Sonja’s townhouse. Newlyweds Luann and Tom host a NYC reception for the friends not invited to the wedding.  

  10. The Real Housewives of New York City

    S9/EP12: Regency Reunion


    Sonja’s love triangle gets more complicated as things heat up with "Frenchie." Meanwhile, Tinsley goes apartment hunting. Carole and Adam bicker over items he left behind in her apartment. Fredrik and Bethenny look over her apartment as they plan to put it on the market. Carole and Dorinda go to Washington DC for the Women’s March. Ramona throws a party at her apartment with a surprising guest list.  

  11. New

    Bravo's Big Picture

    Confessions Of A Shopaholic

  12. Bravo's Big Picture

    Cinderella Story, A

  13. Bravo's Big Picture

    School Of Rock, The

    Desperate for money, a struggling rock musician (Jack Black) takes a job as a substitute teacher at a private elementary school, where he forms his kids into a band to compete in "Battle of the Bands."

  14. Bravo's Big Picture

    Cinderella Story, A

  15. Saturday, July 1

  16. Bravo's Big Picture

    Confessions Of A Shopaholic

  17. Andy Cohen's Then and Now

    S1/EP11: Being Rich


    Andy Cohen dives into the opulent 1980s to explore how the wealthy spent their fortunes on everything from limos and jets to extravagant weddings, and how that's influenced the ways the mega-rich spend their money today. With celebrity guests Susan Lucci, Jill Kargman, Amber Rose and more, Andy looks at how the gilded mega-mansions of the 80s created today's high-tech minimalist homes, and how the pricey plastic surgery of yesterday influenced the anti-aging treatments of today. Plus, the Real Housewives spill their pre-nup secrets!

  18. Andy Cohen's Then and Now

    S1/EP7: 1990: The Year Rebels Ruled


    Andy explores the most talked about moments of 1990 from Madonna's "Vogue" to Nelson Mandela's release from prison. Sitting down with celebrity guests Amber Rose, Ali Wentworth, Aisha Tyler and more, Andy uncovers how Sinead O’Connor transformed the current face of beauty, and how Twin Peaks gave birth to today’s golden age of television. Plus, Andy gets the dishy details on a major celebrity hookup.